April 30, 2021

WPForms Review - WooCommerce and WPForms

This WPForms review will help you understand how you can improve your eCommerce site's performance and why 28% of online businesses use WooCommerce. To understand why WooCommerce is the preferred choice, we'll have to dig a little deeper.

With online business owners stretched thin between launching massive endeavors like online stores, managing merchandise, optimizing their products, and improving their store's performance. There is a need for a good platform that could help them streamline some of these responsibilities.

If you are into eCommerce, then increasing your traffic and making more conversions is a priority. To achieve this, you have to provide your customers with a better experience. You could do this in many ways, and one of the simplest ways is through using the WooCommerce platform and WPForms plugins.

If you are a newbie in eCommerce or want to understand eCommerce better, then the best place to begin would be learning more about WooCommerce. So, without wasting time, let's take a dive and know what WPForms and the WooCommerce platform have in common and how this can help improve your conversions.

What is WPForms?

Our WPForms review will help cover some essential aspects of the WPForms plugin and how you can use the plugin to help your website get more traffic and gain more conversions. If you are tired of building contact forms with less optimal WordPress plugins, you are in luck!

WPForms is the most beginner-friendly forms plugin available on WordPress. The plugin has various features and add-ons that make it stand apart from other contact form plugins. However, before diving into what elements make WPForms one of the best WooCommerce plugins, we'll first have to discuss what contact forms are and why they are critical to your eCommerce platform's success.

What Are Contact Forms?

Contact forms are short web-based forms published on websites. Visitors fill out these forms and submit them to the website's owner, providing them with helpful information. Suitable contact forms hide the website owner's email address and protect them from spammers and phishing emails.

When visitors fill out these forms and send them to the website owner, they trigger an email, behind the scenes, that generates and sends an email to the owner's inbox. Doing this helps website owners receive emails from visitors on their site without revealing the owner's email address.

There are several reasons why website owners, especially those in the eCommerce websites, need contact forms for their website.

  • They help reduce spam emails
  • They could also make it easier for customers to send you messages which could significantly improve your performance
  • You could use these messages to track your inquiries
  • The messages dropped off through your contact forms could help you get more leads
  • The messages could also help you build your email marketing list
  • Tweaking your layouts could help you convey messages in various categories, which you could then delegate to the proper departments
  • Having a contact form could help you populate your CRM and improve customer relations
  • Contact forms could also help you get content submitted by your users. This could significantly improve your traffic and grow your audience by providing social proof
  • Adding a file upload option could make it easier for you to make quotes since customers will upload files on the products they need.

All said and done, why and how can you use WPForms with WooCommerce to create proper contact forms that could positively impact an online eCommerce website?

What Is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a quickly growing eCommerce platform that helps several online businesses to maximize their profits. The open-source and customizable platform built on WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best eCommerce platforms, making it quite popular among online merchants.

The versatile platform enables you to sell various products with multiple configurations. It also offers instant access, through the download option, to digital items. You can also use WooCommerce with affiliate programs.

Instead of using a single hosting to check out the platform, WooCommerce is a third-party integration within the more extensive WordPress. After acquiring hosting services from a third-party web hosting provider, you'll need to install and configure WordPress for your content management.

After building your web design through themes, boosting your security, performance, and features with plugins, you'll need to install WooCommerce and configure it to manage your eCommerce function on the site.

The basic version of WooCommerce is currently entirely free to use; however, if you want to get additional flexibility and functionality, you'll have to install add-ons and plugins to your website. Most of these are not free.

These plugins are not that important, especially when you are a beginner trying to figure out your bearings. Still, it would help if you integrated them into your website ASAP to improve your traffic and conversions. As your online store grows, the plugins like WPForms will become more necessary to improve your customers' eCommerce experience.

What Do You Do After Activating WooCommerce?

Once the eCommerce plugin has been activated, you'll have to configure it to your products, which is a relatively straightforward process, especially for those who are already familiar with how WordPress works.

If you understand WordPress, then you'll have an easier time navigating through the options and submenus to find what you are looking for. For instance, we'll look at the process for creating a product, which is quite simple!

  • You'll need to click on choose products
  • Click on add product
  • Create your product's title
  • Write a short description for your article
  • Add the product's price data
  • Specify the sales price and add the sale duration

If you want to customize the stock management options, you could click on inventory. From this section, you can manage quantities, choose whether the product is in stock or not, and specify whether a customer can place the item on backorder.

While WooCommerce produces some pretty decent results, you could still use plugins like WPForms, to improve your e-commerce performance and make it even better. Additional plugins can enable you to add essential features such as appointment bookings, membership-only sections, etc.

Why Is WPForms The Best Form Builder Plugin For Your WooCommerce Website?

wpforms drag and drop builder

Building online contact forms on WordPress has never been easier; you've got WPForms to thank for this. There are many reasons why WPForms is the best plugin to use for your WooCommerce platform. Read our WPForms review to get more information on why and how you could go about creating your contact forms for WooCommerce, seamlessly.

WPForms is also featured on our list of The Best WooCommerce Plugins To Boost Sales.

WPForms are pretty convenient and easy to use. Most importantly, you won't have to hire a WordPress developer or enter a single line of code to create a contact form for your eCommerce website. Using WPForms with WooCommerce, you could create simple or complex contact forms in minutes regardless of your coding or web development experience.

WPForms is powerful yet easy to use. It uses a drag and drop function that lets you create any form in minutes. You could add and remove fields or rearrange them to fit your preferred style with a single click.

WPForms also has hundreds of pre-built form templates that you can choose from. If you want to build a WordPress form that's tailored to your niche, all you have to do is install the form template pack add-on, and you are good to go.

WPForms Lite vs. Pro

WPForms Lite

WPForms Lite is a WPForms demo version that has limited form features that you could choose from. It comes with four prebuilt contact form templates that are ready for customization using the drag and drop form builder; however, those searching for standard forms can still save their forms and publish them.

Some of the templates that come with are the newsletter signup and the suggestions form. Both these templates are fully mobile responsive and are built to load as fast as possible to avoid slowing down your website, which can affect your user experience and SEO.

Check out our full list of the 15 Best SEO Plugins For WooCommerce.

You can customize all templates in WPForms lite to suit your needs. They also come with honeypot protection and optional captcha fields to prevent spam submissions through the form.

WPForms Pro

WPForms Pro has its set of features and benefits that are not available in WPForms lite. Our WPForms review revealed that higher tier WPForms licenses such as Plus, Pro, and Elite are pretty helpful to people who've had more experience with WooCommerce.

In our opinion in this WPForms review is that you can use the lite version especially if you only have one site but then the option to upgrade is available once you need the features.

The Pro and Elite plan comes with priority support plus several other features that aren't available in the WPForms lite. Some of these features include:

  • Creating an unlimited number of forms
  • More editable templates to choose from
  • Using conditional logic to control field visibility
  • The option to create multi-page forms
  • Spam protection features
  • A file upload field for accepting files from visitors
  • Advanced field types such as time fields and dates
  • Storing, viewing, and managing entries via WordPress dashboard
  • Options for multiple form entry submission confirmations
  • The ability to send form entry emails to various recipients
  • WPForms integrations with constant contact email marketing service
  • Integration with AWeber, Drip, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and GetResponse
  • WPForms integrations with Stripe and PayPal for online transactions. This makes it easier for you to receive donations and payments for services rendered or products sold.
  • Survey and poll form fields
  • WordPress login and user registration fields
  • An option for geolocation used to detect users' locations
  • Post submission forms
  • Zapier integration
  • Signature fields that allow users to sign form entry submission
  • A form abandonment feature that will enable you to store partial or abandoned forms

Upgrade From WPForms Lite To Pro

Upgrading from WPForms lite to Pro is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is choose your preferred plan and purchase a license. After doing this, you could then go ahead and upload the upgraded plugin to your WordPress dashboard. Next, you'll have to deactivate the basic version and activate the pro version. Any form you created in the free version will be available for you to use in the WPForms Pro version.

WPForms Pricing

WPForms is developed to suit all websites regardless of their sizes and budgets. Whether you are running a small online business, a blog, a nonprofit organization, an eCommerce business, or any other website, the chances are that you're probably going to find WPForms helpful.

WPForms comes in various versions: basic, plus, Pro, and elite. All these versions have different prices and enough features to support web developers at various web development stages. WPForms' basic version costs $39.50, Plus goes for $99.50; Pro goes at $199.50, and Elite for $299.50 yearly.

WPForms provides a 75% discount for all nonprofit organizations to boost development and improve the world. If you are a registered nonprofit, you could check if you are qualified and get your purchasing costs reduced.

If you are starting and want to familiarize yourself with the WPForms plugin, you could download WPForms lite for free from the official WordPress plugin repository. After working through their interface and getting the gist of how you could create more complex forms, you could then move to WPForms plans that offer more features.

Our WPForms review can even help you save money!

WPForms Review: Our Verdict

wpforms logo

The goal for building WPForms was simple: to create a WordPress plugin that's easy to use and, at the same time, powerful enough to produce great results. After thorough research and reviewing WPForms, we agree that WPForms has managed to achieve both goals.

The plugin is pretty easy to use even by users with no coding experience; plus, the plugin produces desirable results compared to other similar plugins. The forms created through WPForms load quickly, and they are SEO-friendly. 

WPForms also comes with an excellent interface that most WordPress users can quickly adapt to. Add this to the ease of integration with other tools, and you have a powerful plugin that's sure to help produce more leads and boost conversions.

Using WPForms with WooCommerce could be a great way to improve customer experience, collect helpful information from your customers, and grow your eCommerce platform. Whether you are starting or you've just discovered WPForms, we can confidently say that there's more to gain from using the WPForms plugin for your WooCommerce platform.

Did this WPForms review help you?

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