June 22, 2021

Why WooCommerce Related Product Plugins Are So Important

If you have an ecommerce store, your ultimate goal is to make as much profit as possible. One way to maximize your conversions is to start using a WooCommerce related products plugin.

While customers browse for products on your ecommerce store, you are presented with a valuable opportunity to expose them to related products that they are likely to purchase through a WooCommerce related products plugin.

According to research done by experts, it’s easier to recommend related products to customers you’ve already acquired than to get a completely new customer to buy your product. Taking advantage of WooCommerce related product marketing opportunities could be a great way to increase your sales exponentially.

Amazon states that up to 35% of its annual sales are due to using comparative product marketing strategies like cross-selling. Amazon uses techniques like "buy it with," "items under $_" or "products related to this item" to convince the shopper into shopping for more related products.

However, before we go too much into this strategy, let’s first define what we mean by related products.

What are Related Products?

Related products are those goods whose demand is influenced by price changes in other related products. For instance, when you pay for one type of service or product, there is a chance that you may need some associated services or complementary products that you may or may not need urgently.

A good example is when a client decides to purchase a home. The chances are high that the homeowner may require other services that complement their initial purchase. For instance, they may need renovation services, furnishing, or any other accessories.

Customers who acquire one item, say a boat, place you in a better position of selling the items that complement their initial purchase since they are more likely to purchase the second item to complete the first item.

Related Product Plugin Strategies

There are three types of related product plugin strategies you could use:

  • Up-selling
  • Cross-selling
  • Tags or categories

Up Selling

Up-selling refers to techniques that you could use to invite your customer and convince them to purchase products that add more value to their products or those they are about to buy. For instance, you could ask them to upgrade their hotel room to one with a view, get a faster internet connection, etc.

Up-sells are often found on a product's page, most often under the product description. They usually appear under the heading: "you may also like…."

Cross Selling

The cross-selling technique invites the customer to purchase products or services related to their products or services in their cart. Examples may include buying fries with your burger, buying a phone case to protect your phone, etc.

The products often appear under the add-to-cart products table on the cart page and differ depending on your shop's coding or theme.

Categories and tags

This is the third related product strategy that you could use to boost your conversion rates. When using this strategy, the associated products are located underneath the product's description if they are in the same tag or category. They are automatically generated based on their tag or category.

Benefits of Using a Related Products Plugin

Many benefits come with using a related products plugin. Some of these benefits include higher conversion rates, increased time spent on your eCommerce store, better click-through rates, etc.


You may not realize it but providing your customers with a related products category just below or beside their specific product searches makes their purchase process more convenient. While some of them may not click on the products, a huge percentage of them will.

Sometimes your potential buyer may not even be aware of what they are looking for. Providing them with a related products list allows them to find out which works in your favor. Most buyers end up buying more products this way, as confessed by Amazon.

Increase your average order value

Using this strategy, you could increase your average order value by utilizing items you already have in your store. This is one of the most effective and inexpensive strategies you could use to boost your sales.

You could use this strategy to encourage your buyers to add more to their cart by providing them with products that add value. 

Increased session length

You may notice that users tend to spend less time on your website. While lots of other factors may influence this pattern, there are ways you could go about improving your website's session length. One of the methods you could use includes using a WooCommerce related products plugin.

A related products plugin keeps the user hooked as they browse through related products. For instance, a potential customer looking to buy a vehicle, or any other product, may look into various accessories to add to the car or product they've purchased or are looking to purchase.

They may not purchase the product immediately; the product recommendations they get may pique their interest and make them spend more time on your website. This could eventually help boost your conversions.

Decreased bounce rate

Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who enter your website but leave without exploring or clicking through to other pages within your website. A bounce rate that’s too high could affect your overall conversion rate.

To decrease your bounce rate, you'll have to keep your visitors hooked. The best way to do this is by using a related products plugin that shows your visitors products they are likely to be interested in. Doing this keeps them engaged and gives them a reason to click through to other pages on your store.

Increased conversion rate

Having lots of products in your store is great; however, displaying them to your visitors in the right manner is even better. At times, visitors may click through to your store planning to buy one thing but end up buying more than they intended.

Increasing the amount of time visitors spend in your store and decreasing your website's bounce rate by providing your visitors with related products to browse through is a great marketing strategy for two reasons:

  • Your visitors may end up buying products they didn’t know they needed
  • Even if they don’t make the purchase, they may still add the items to their wish list
  • Your visitors will enjoy browsing through your website because of the convenience you provide them

Best WooCommerce Related Products Manager

Related Products Manager for WooCommerce

There are several reasons why Pro WCPlugins has the best WooCommerce related products plugin. The plugin enables you to customize related products in your WooCommerce store. You could use the plugin to change your related products number order, columns, order; related by category, tag, product attribute. 

You could also do it manually on each product, hide the related products completely or change their position and title. If you want to see the front-end result after making some changes in the settings, you'll need to clear all product transients. Or, you could also update each product independently to clear their transients. 

What "manager options" does our related products plugin offer?

  • The related product columns - manage the number of columns to be displayed
  • The related product number - you'll be able to handle the total number of the related products displayed
  • Order by - the possible values will include: random, title, date, modified, ID, price, and menu order
  • Order - Our plugin will ignore this if your buyer selects orders randomly. If they choose "order by," then the values will be in a descending or an ascending order
  • Relate by tag - The related products will be displayed by the current product's tag
  • You can relate by category - Related products are indicated by the current product's category
  • Relate by the product’s attribute - the related products are displayed by the present product’s features

Advanced Plugin Features

These include:

  • Hide the related tags
  • Override the categories and tags
  • You could relate products manually
  • Change the related product’s positions

Our related products manager for WooCommerce is also featured on our list of the best WooCommerce plugins to boost sales.

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You could choose between any of these three subscriptions from Pro WCPlugin’s WooCommerce Related Products Plugin:


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  • Use the plugin for a single site
  • Get basic support


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Pro WCPlugins has the best and most useful WooCommerce related products plugin with all the options you could ever need. We do this to ensure that you don't waste any time selecting related products for individual users. 

Our plugins work as expected, and they have various features that could prove useful for your ecommerce store. Install our plugin, get all the support you need 24/7 and boost your conversions today!

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