July 23, 2021

The #1 Cross Sell Plugin for WooCommerce

Online businesses around the world are opting for a cross sell plugin for their WooCommerce websites. A Woocommerce cross sell plugin improves customers’ shopping experiences, boosts sales, and gives products more exposure. We will go through how cross selling can be easily implemented onto your WooCommerce website and what it can do for you. 

What is Cross Selling through E-Commerce?

Cross selling is the ability to offer products or services related to what a client is purchasing. One of the best ways to increase sales value is to show customers complementary items they may not have known that the store carried. Additionally, they may not have realized that they needed a product until it came to their attention. 

Implementing cross selling on your WooCommerce storefront or adding it to websites you’re designing for WooCommerce merchants significantly enhances the quality of shoppers’ purchasing experiences. For you as a merchant, it can boost your sales. 

Let’s look into how WooCommerce store owners can get started with cross selling and why ProWCPlugins’ option for this feature is the best for your business. 

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What is a Cross Selling Plugin for WooCommerce?

The variety of plugins available for WooCommerce merchants are many. However, delving into which cross selling plugin is the right one for your WordPress business may be challenging to navigate. Not only that, but how necessary is cross selling for your business’s success?  We will go into why WooCommerce related product plugins are so important, what they can do for your business and why ProWCPlugins’ cross sell plugin is the best option for your online store.  

What Cross Selling on Your Website will Look Like  

When a customer clicks for more details on a specific product or goes to checkout, related items that you’ve linked to the product they’re looking at will show up on the same page. 

For example, an online clothing store may be best known for selling coats and jackets. A typical customer may come to their website intending to purchase a coat, but not anything else. 

Without cross selling features, the client will only order a coat and may not have been thinking about the mittens and hats they need for their ski trip. The store carries those additional items. However, the client had only been browsing for coats and did not think to search for other products. 

With cross selling features, the client clicks on the product description of the coat they are looking to buy. They add it to cart and notice that on the same page along the bottom are a handful of related products’ images. These included pants, shirts, and mittens. 

The client then realizes that they need to buy mittens, so with the newfound knowledge that the store carries them, they search for the ones they like and add them to their cart as well. 

They decide that they’re ready to complete their purchase, but a few more products show up at the bottom of their checkout page. They see an array of hats and suddenly remember that they needed one of those, too. 

Initially, the client only visited the clothing site for a coat. Now, they checked out more items than they originally intended to because they were made aware of the shop’s other products through a cross selling feature. 

So, what precisely are the beneficial outcomes of using a cross selling feature? 

Increased Value of Sale 

As showcased in the previous example, cross selling caused the client to order three times the number of items they were initially going to purchase.

Cross selling is successful when customers stay on an online store longer and purchase as many items as possible. Working with the right cross sell plugin will increase the value of each transaction. 

Lower Cart Abandonment Rates 

Cart abandonment occurs when clients peruse through an e-commerce site, add items to their cart, then leave the website without purchasing anything. There are many reasons why potential customers don’t follow through with their orders, but not finding the right mix of products is one of them, which good cross selling features could further prevent. 

For instance, an ecommerce store could offer free shipping for cart totals of at least $50. A client might add a couple of things to their cart that they initially wanted. However, an online store that doesn’t feature related products on its pages may fully win the customer over. The client may not have found another item that could bring the transaction total to the $50 minimum that would grant them free shipping. 

Dissatisfied with the shipping prices, the customer will likely abandon their cart.

If they had seen a few related products on the checkout page, they may have found complementary merchandise that would qualify for free shipping and further motivate them to complete the order. 

Lower Bounce Rates

A bounce rate refers to how often customers visit an e-commerce site and leave without ever adding anything to their cart. 

Cross selling features make it much easier for site visitors to find what they want by clicking through products that have characteristics that they prefer.

A customer may have happened upon the same online clothing store as mentioned before from clicking on a product image that they found on Google. They look closely at the product, a pair of snow boots, and are not satisfied with the style of the shoes, but like the fur lining on them. 

With cross selling features, they can scroll down the product description page and find related products similar to the boots’ style or color. They spot a pair of boots with fur lining that they like better and adds them to their cart.

With the Related Products Manager plugin, merchants can relate products to each other through tags, categories, and more. In this case, both boots had “fur lining” in their title, so the client was able to come across it on the initial product’s page

Displaying products that clients may enjoy based on what they’re looking at will not only keep them on your website for longer but will lead to more sales than you could achieve without cross selling. 

How Website Designers can Enhance their Clients’ WooCommerce Sites

Cross selling can seem complicated at first, especially for e-commerce merchants switching to virtual selling or starting a business online for the first time. They may think that implementing a cross selling feature is unnecessary until their website has been live for a more extended amount of time. 

As a website designer, you can input our simple cross selling plugin for your WooCommerce clients without hassle. 

You can communicate with your clients about how they want their cross selling organized and set it up accordingly, as well as relaying how big of a return they will get from this affordable feature. 

Related Products Manager for WooCommerce

Related Products Manager for WooCommerce

The Related Products Manager for WooCommerce is our best plugin for cross selling and increasing sales per transaction. 

This plugin is highly customizable, and merchants have the power to edit relations manually. 

Here are some of the main features of our cross sell plugin for woocommerce. 

  • Related products number is the setting used to choose how many related items are displayed on a page. If this number is set to 3, then pages will have 3 associated items posted. 
  • Related products columns set the number of columns that the related items will show up on a page. If you adjust your related products number to 6, then you can make your related products columns number 3 to create two neat rows of products at the bottom of a page. 
  • The relate by tag cross sell option will correspond to items with the same tags. For instance, a product with the tags “blue” and “shirt” will have related product displays that also have those tags. Implementing tag relations is seamless t if your products already have tags connected to them. 
  • Relate by category will group related items by their categories, similarly to tags.
  • And more, such as setting products in a specific order and relating by project attributes. 
  • Advanced features include the ability to create manual relations, override categories and tags, and hiding related products.  

Is Cross Selling the Same as Up Selling? 

Cross selling and up selling are two different methods of boosting sales. 

Simply put, cross selling is the act of suggesting complementary products while up selling recommends similar products that are higher in value. 

A company like Apple carries products that continue to evolve. When they debut a new version of a phone or a laptop, they want to promote those items over older versions. 

You may hop onto their website and go about purchasing a pair of standard earphones with a jack. When you go to your cart, an image pops up of the new Bluetooth Airpods, suggesting that “you may like” to purchase these instead. That is what upselling looks like on an online storefront. 

Cross Sell vs. Up Sell: Which Should I Choose? 

Wondering which feature to include on your website to best increase sales? Although either cross selling or up selling can effectively boost revenue, utilizing both will exponentially improve your business. 

As well as using our Related Products Manager, you can check out our WooCommerce up selling plugin to complement your cross selling efforts. 

What You Can Expect From Our Service

Our cross selling WooCommerce plugin, the Related Products Manager, can automate the process of relating products and manually override any setups that you don’t wish to include. 

Our customers say that this plugin is simple yet includes everything they need to set up cross selling. The Related Products Manager is the most suitable for cross selling on WooCommerce. 

Simple, powerful, and cost-effective, this plugin engages your customers and makes your WooCommerce business stand out. 

Your clients’ shopping experience has just improved now that the availability of cross selling is at your fingertips. Get ready to enjoy less cart abandonment, lower bounce rates, and running a more successful WooCommerce business. 

ProCWPlugins is the go-to source for everything woocommerce and woocommerce plugins. Every one of our plugins comes with 24/7 customer support, features that complete your WooCommerce website, and perfect functionality. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, and our support team has done the best they could to help, you are entitled to a complete refund. 

Are you ready to start using our cross sell plugin for WooCommerce? 

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