WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin

Hide Admin Menu Plugin helps you hide the admin menu and admin bar items in the WordPress admin area based on the user role. Simply select the checkboxes corresponding to menu items and user roles and Save. You’ll have a simplified menu for your clients as well as users. That will help you hide some important menu items that you don’t want them to access, like settings page, account detail page, etc.
WordPress Hide Admin Menu plugin has a friendly interface and very easy to use. Everything is simple as well as you can understand all the functionality within 5 minutes!
The Hide Admin Menu plugin works well with custom user roles and menu items added by other plugins and compatible with WordPress MultiSite.

Highlights in Hide Admin Menu v2.1

Since version 2.1, you can:
  • Setup for whole network (MultiSite mode) only ONCE. You don’t need to go to each blog admin page to setup the plugin anymore.
  • Auto-update supported.

Highlights in Hide Admin Menu v2.0

Since version 2.0, you can:

  • Hide items in admin bar.
  • Hide admin menu, admin bar items for Administrators. Now you can simplified menus for yourself!


  • Ability to hide items in admin menu and admin bar.
  • Customizable by user role, including Administrator. Works with custom user roles.
  • Works with menu items added by other plugins.
  • Ability to export and import settings.
  • Works in MultiSite mode. Setup for whole network only ONCE. You don’t need to go to each blog admin page to setup the plugin anymore.
  • Auto update supported.



  • Improvement: The better explanation for checkboxes


  • Fix: Compatible with Contact Form 7, Avada theme and Gravity Forms


  • Improvement: Now hidden menus, submenus are no accessible, e.g. when hide menus, sub-menus, users can’t access them even they know correct URLs


  • Fix: Can hide menus, submenus added with user level, not capability, like WordPress Mobile Pack plugin


  • Fix: Works with Gravity Forms now


  • Improvements: Allow Settings for Network-wide
  • Improvements: Import or Export Settings for Network
  • Improvement: Auto Update
  • Improvement: Add Vietnamese Language


  • Hide admin bar items in the front-end


  • Allow to hide admin bar items
  • Optimize plugin file loading, thus increase website performance
  • Change textdomain to string, to make it work properly
  • Reformat code to a better coding standard as well as improve code quality
  • Better and stronger OOP code
  • Highly improve UI and UX, easier to use


  • Change methods to static
  • Change the way plugin handle priorities


  • Initial version

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

For which purposes, can i use Hide Admin Menu?

Hide Admin Menu plugin used to fastest way to hide items in the admin menu and admin bar.

Can I hide only child items?

Yes, you can do it.

Is auto update feature supported?

Yes, this feature is available.

What are the payment options available?

You can pay us through the Credit Card or Paypal.







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