March 31, 2021

11 Best WooCommerce Review Plugins

Are you looking for the best WooCommerce review plugins to add to your ecommerce store? Then we have you covered. We will cover the best review plugins available to you!

Benfits of Using Product Review Plugins

There are multiple benefits that stem from using product review plugins. Your ecommerce business will definitely go to another level of success if you choose to make use of WooCommerce review plugins. Let’s dive into the benefits.

SEO Improvement

WooCommerce review plugins are important assets when it comes to SEO improvement. To begin with, they help by encouraging visitors to review your website and, in the process, build increased trust in your website. Moreover, by increasing the number of things that visitors can do on your site, review plugins go a long way to reduce your bounce rate.

Another major element that review plugins do to improve SEO is inviting more visitors to visit your site. All these help your site to rank higher than your competitors.

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Boosting User Engagement

If you would like to increase engagement on your site and make your e-commerce business profitable and valuable on the long-term, one thing you have to consider is making use of product review plugins. They are instrumental in making your site user friendly, which is a dominant aspect of boosting user engagement. It is a way of involving your customers and visitors by creating an avenue of interaction.

A Great Platform For Feedback

WooCommerce review plugins help in encouraging feedback from your target audience regarding your products. The reviews you receive about your products carry a great deal of significance to help you make any necessary changes to your brand.

Boost Conversions

Reviews plugins are vital in regards to triggering your target audience to make purchases. If you would like your e-commerce store to have a higher conversion rate, you can consider investing in product review plugins. This is a great way of influencing the buying decisions of your target audience.

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How To Choose The Best WooCommerce Review Plugin

There are a couple of things that you have to consider when choosing the best WooCommerce review plugin.

Availability of Support

If you’re looking for the best WooCommerce review plugin, you have to opt for one that offers the much-needed support. It’s certain that you might be in need of understanding something about the functionality of a plugin when using it. The only way you will get help is if the developers of the plugin have created a support platform.


Look out for a plugin that is easy to use. If you’re finding it hard to navigate, it’s enough for you to know that you’re not using the right review plugin for you.

Which Review Plugin Is Best For You?

There are different WooCommerce review plugins that are available for you to choose from. From the following list, you’re able to see the one that suits and fits your needs the best.


This is among the WooCommerce review plugins that have grown in significance in today’s ecommerce space. With this plugin, you will be able to grow the reviews for your online store. It allows you to ask your customers, whether past or present, for reviews. It utilizes multiple marketing channels to generate reviews for your online store.

Also, it is possible for you to increase the conversion rate of your online store by displaying reviews on different locations on your website. The price of is $15 monthly.


  • Cheap
  • Flexible
  • Has multiple features


  • Performance needs improvement in the last 30 days information

2. WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro is one of the review plugins that you can opt for to boost your ecommerce brand. It provides you with amazing features that make your reviews captivating and valuable. With this plugin, your target audience gets to have a good picture of your site.

Also, you’re able to choose the best review strategy for your products if you consider using this particular plugin. For example, you can either choose to use video reviews or customer questions for your products. Of great importance still, you will increase the productivity of your website and business by streamlining the review process.

Moreover, it is possible for your target audience to get in touch with contributions from one place. For one site subscription, the price is $79, for five sites $125, and for twenty five sites it’s $179.


  • Ability to integrate other plugins
  • Ability to have videos or photos as part of reviews.


  • Expensive

3. YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews

This is yet another WooCommerce review plugin that offers you great features for your business.

If you’re looking for a plugin that will help to boost the conversion rate of your site and business, you can consider the above-mentioned. This happens through its capacity to provide more visibility.

Visibility is pivotal when doing online business. With this plugin, you’re able to come up with a reliable review strategy for your website. The capacity to have more interactions among users is a feature that is unique with this plugin. Users have the ability to edit reviews if they wish to do so.

Of great significance still, it is possible for the plugin to facilitate the display of product ranking on the results of Google search. This is a valuable way of directing traffic to your online store if products have good reviews. With respect to pricing, the plugin goes for $79 for one site and $299.99 for three sites.


  • Good customer support
  • Compatibility with WPML


  • Expensive

4. Ultimate Reviews

Ultimate reviews is another plugin that has the features and the capacity to be among the best WooCommerce plugins out there.

In regards to customization, this plugin offers users an opportunity to choose from multiple options. For example, it’s possible for you to make a choice on the review style, the products permitted for the review, and the categories for review.

Additionally, you have the option of introducing social media logins. Furthermore, if you will like to have the reviews of every product summarized, it is possible for you to achieve such through this plugin. With such a summary, customers are able to gain a deeper understanding of a particular product and make an informed decision towards it.

In other words, it is a great plugin if you would like to increase the rate of your conversions. If you consider buying this plugin, it goes for $ 39.99 for one site.


  • Ideal for those who need basic reviews
  • Highly customizable
  • Great features


  • Minimal features for the free version

5. YOTPO Social Reviews For WooCommerce

If you would like to have a plugin that connects your business to social platforms, this is one that you can consider.

This is a feasible way of driving traffic to your site. Once customers post reviews on different social media platforms, you’re able to have traffic driven back to your site. This plugin makes it possible for customers to post reviews on diverse social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The pricing of the plugin is $29 a month.


  • Email alerts
  • Useful features.


  • Problematic when navigating the dashboard

6. TWB WooCommerce Review

With this plugin, you’re able to set up a product review strategy that suits your brand. The use of short codes on products reviews to particular pages or posts on your site allows you to reach connect with users in a strategic way.

This is a great way of increasing the optimum capacity of your business. Moreover, it allows you to have the option of two layouts.

The layouts include sliders and lists. The unique feature of the slide layout is that it has slide and fade effects for review posts. When it comes to list layout, it is divided into single, double, and triple columns.

Other factors that make this one of the best WooCommerce review plugins are that you can customize it and it is highly responsive. The plugin has a free version.


  • Easy to use
  • High responsiveness.


  • It has limited features

7. Taqyeem

One of the features that make this product plugin distinct is its amazing templates that you can customize easily. This capacity makes it possible for you to tune the plugin to be in line with your site’s features and characteristics.

With its high flexibility, you are able to review and rate posts and pages. Of great importance still, you can make use of varying rating systems like stars and points. In regards to the price of Taqyeem, you can get it at $29.


  • Easy to create criteria designs
  • Easy to use


  • Installation challenges

8. WooDiscuz – Woocommerce Comments

This is a plugin that can be a great addition to your WooCommerce store. The main reason for one starting an online business is to make money. With this plugin, you’ll be in a position to increase your sales significantly.

This will be possible by having a review system centered on comments and discussions. Visitors to your site will love to have a platform whereby they can ask questions and engage in discussions aimed at knowing your brand and products better.

If you would like to have such a feature, you can make use of this particular plugin. With it, you will be creating a viable avenue for you to increase sales considerably. It is interactive and customizable, which is a good thing for your e-commerce store. You can download a free version of the plugin.


  • Does not have a lot of effect on page speed and memory usage


  • Requires frequent updating

9. SIP Reviews Shortcode for WooCommerce

SEO rating is very important for ecommerce stores. If you’re an online business person, you need to increase your visibility online for your store to attract as many people as possible.

With the above-mentioned plugin, this is possible. It is one of the WooCommerce review plugins that will boost your store and work on creating optimal productivity. If you’re looking for a plugin that will provide you with daily product ratings, the afore-mentioned one will do it for you.

There are amazing features that come with this plugin including customizable options and the capacity to match with the theme of your site’s page.

Additionally, with this plugin, you’re able to add schema on the basis of pricing, name, and rating at whichever location on your review page. You can get a free version online.


  • Ability to customize
  • Ability to display reviews at different locations


  • Limited in its features

10. Rating-Widget: Star Review System

This product review plugin helps you to have an effective review and rating system.

It allows you to set up a review system based on quality. In this case, the higher the quality of a product, the higher its rating. With this product review plugin, you will have the opportunity to create a 5-star voting system for the people visiting your ecommerce store.

It is now possible for you to incorporate a voting system based on the star system to reviews. This plugin is easy-to-use plugin since it does not need any configurations. It is also optimized for mobile, which is a great advantage to your online store. The pricing of this plugin starts from $3.99 to $29.99 per month.


  • It is relatively cheap and easy to use


  • The starter pricing option has limited features

11. Ratings & Reviews

If you would like the latest reviews and ratings on your website, this is the plugin to use. It has unique features that differentiate it from other plugins. To begin with, it is highly customizable.

Also, it contains a responsive design that makes it possible for your customizations to be effective.

Additionally, it allows you to either show or hide elements with the use of shortcodes. You can get a free download online.


  • High responsiveness
  • Effective customizations


  • Requires frequent updating

Conclusion - Best WooCommerce Review Plugins

Having known the WooCommerce review plugins available, you can choose the one that suits your business needs. Which one is the most ideal for you?

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